Magasins U starts selling second-hand goods

Système U presents “U Occasion”, a space for the trade-in and sale of second-hand equipment, an initiative that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The U stores have decided to set up, from the end of the summer, a system for taking back and selling your second-hand items in order to give them a second life.christened U Occasion, the concept will be tested in 4 stores across France before being extended to some 1,601 points of sale if it is does it work?

Second-hand for vouchers

Do you have a set of dishes that you don’t use or no longer use? An appliance you don’t need? You can now drop it off at a U store. The chain has launched a second-hand objects recovery and sale operation to encourage environmental actions and enable its customers to save money on products that are not new but still viable.”The second-hand market, which was estimated at 7 billion euros at the beginning of 2019 and which has increased with the containment, is a lever for extending the life of products, avoiding their waste,” reads the chain’s press release, “This concerns small household appliances, games and consoles, telephony, computers, comic books, etc.”.The principle? Come to the store and drop off your treasure. It will be tested by technicians to make sure it works before being put on sale under warranty. In exchange, you will be given a voucher to be used for the purchase of another second-hand product or for food (or non-food) shopping in U stores.

Where do the tests take place?

For the moment, not all U stores are concerned by the operation, which has been tested in four stores across France. The Hyper U stores in Aizenay (85) and Mayenne (53) opened on August 17, to give a second life to their customers’ products. The Hyper U in Les Arcs (83) and the Super U in Venarey les Laumes (21) will open in September.” If you live in or near these departments, you can or will soon be able to experiment with this exchange of merchandise in your local supermarkets. This test phase will allow us to validate the process, and then consider a wider development in other stores,” said Dominique Schelcher, President of Système U. “We are looking forward to the opening of this new store.

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