"Louis Nicollin was one of the Top 5 collectors of sports objects in the world"

By Gilles Festor

Updated 07/24/2020 at 08:09 am - Posted 07/23/2020 at 22:43

LE SCAN SPORT - On the occasion of the sale of Sporlympique VI collectibles this weekend in Paris, Serge Laget, consultant for the auction house Vermot et Associés, draws up the outlines of an activity that is on the rise.stern in France and around the world.

Four years from the Olympic Games in France, how is the auction market for sports collectibles?

Serge Laget: It is doing well in a country that has invented a lot of sports, so the raw material is on our soil, but we notice that in the United States, England, Germany or even Italy, the population is more collector.and concerned about its heritage.The French market is therefore a little torn in our country, especially since the death of Louis Nicollin, who was the real locomotive in France for this activity, with institutions such as sports museums.he bought or had bought for several tens of thousands of euros.In addition to his fabulous collection of swimsuits, he had an extraordinary collection of sports objects, bicycles, documents or photos.He was probably one of the world's Top 5 collectors .

What are the profiles of collectors in France? There are three types of collectors: First, the sensitive collector who can have an emotional relationship with a club or a player.Typically, these are the buyers of football players' shirts or clubs in particular that help fuel a very dynamic market.Then you have the collector who wants to buy decorative objects for a bar, a restaurant or even their living room, for the aesthetic of some sort.And finally, you have the documentary collector, the most shimmering for me.He looks for anecdote, memories, photos, songs, a piece of the little history of sport.These are people who try to find bridges with the old days with a form of nostalgia, fueled by childhood memories.

Posted Date: 2021-02-10

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