With confinement, granny's recipe book has resumed service

With confinement, granny's recipe book has resumed service

Prepare a flan in the microwave in ten minutes with marshmallows and eggs in a cardboard box of milk… The idea is attractive.Except that it does not work.reality of “fake” recipes - at best inedible, at worst dangerous.BBC reporter Chris Fox took an interest in these supposedly clever recipes, made in a jiffy, and tested them.Not just the cans of milk are too big to fit in a microwave oven, but the result is a filthy porridge, far from the advertised custard.

And while these goofy culinary preparations are a laughing matter, some are downright risky.Bleaching a strawberry to blanch it or pouring melted caramel over an electric mixer to make a bird's nest is not recommended and can be avoided.turn out to be deadly… According to the South China Morning Post, a Chinese teenage girl died while attempting to make popcorn in a tin can heated with an alcohol lamp.She applied the advice of a video tutorial from Ms.Yeah whose account on Weibo gathers eight million fans and who, laconic, explained that the teenager had not followed the instructions well ...

If the confinement has increased tenfold in recent weeks the public's interest in recipes in all forms, this passion has never weakened in France and elsewhere.Very early, men and women consulted writings to cook, recalls Eric Birlouez, Food sociologist: “The oldest known written recipes come from clay tablets from the kingdom of Babylon, almost four thousand years ago, engraved with recommendations.This dozen of tips detailed enough to prepare broths, cereal porridge or a mysterious "bird stew" were intended for the elites of the time, who only knew how to read.

Posted Date: 2021-03-13

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